FL AR0017464: Architect Sarasota, Florida

On The Boards

We generate design concepts using three dimensional BIM software for all of our projects to help clients visualize their projects. Here are some recent concepts we are working on.

Studio Addition

Concept design for a new facade and studio addition to an existing garage in Sarasota.

 10th Street Duplex

Schematic designs for a small, modern duplex near Gillespie Park.


10th Street Multifamily

Schematic designs for a current 7 unit multifamily project in Gillespie Park. New designs will be posted to show the evolution of the project.

Bay Front Modern Makeover

Proposed renovation of an existing house on the bay front to create a modern house that will take better advantage of the views and the natural beauty of the property.

Mt. Pleasant Project

A new house near the Legacy Trail in Nokomis, FL that was recently submitted for building permit.

New Residence on Whitaker Bayou

Conceptual designs for a house near the Ringling School of Art and Design.

Family Room Addition in South Gate

Schematic designs for a family room and shade structure addition to a ranch house in the South Gate area of Sarasota, FL.

Landscape Concepts

Concepts for modern landscape designs for a bay front house in Sarasota, FL.