FL AR0017464: Architect Sarasota, Florida

State College of Florida, Lakewood Ranch

Medical Technology & Classroom Building

While working at Fawley + Bryant Architects, I managed the project from the initial master plan workshops through conceptual design, design development, construction drawings and a Guaranteed Maximum Price process working with a construction manager.

The building program for State College of Florida (formerly Manatee Community College) was ambitious and complex. My challenge – to solve multiple requirements from several departments and a diverse user group – was made even more interesting due to a limited budget and the desire for sustainability. The goal was to attain a LEED Silver status.

The project included traditional science labs, a media center, classrooms and nursing simulation labs using lifelike METI simulation “patients” in a re-created hospital environment.

After several months of working through the schematic and design development process, while simultaneously coordinating price estimates with the construction manager, a consensus was achieved with all stakeholders, and the owner approved the project so that our team could proceed with construction documents.

Using the Building Information Modeling (BIM) approach, I launched a highly coordinated effort with our team and managed an ambitious schedule which necessitated weekend and holiday work. The result was a complete set of construction documents and specifications delivered to our client within six weeks, cutting our company’s expected delivery time in half.

I have worked in a 3D and BIM environment for 19 years and have expertise in creating well-coordinated documents that clearly convey the requirements of each project. This approach means that each project can be built without speculation and interpretation on the part of the contractors on the team.